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"Wake up" - AIM - Milo/Leighana

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Sep. 24th, 2010 | 07:08 pm
music: Ice - Lights

Role-play, AIM Format, Storybook.
Warnings: Smut, Het.

Milo played by Sora [like_evil]
Leighana played by K.Cee [kccatastrophic]

leighana pariah: Leighana woke up to pure white light blinding her once she opened her eyes. Shielding them she blinked rapidly until her eyes adjusted enough to kick the blankets off of her legs and close the curtains in the living room of the dorm. She had been sleeping on the couch for the pass two days since Milo passed out in her bed. Tip toeing into her bedroom she leaned against the door frame, letting in the sliver of light from the hallway. There didn't seem to be any changes.

milo and evelyn: There he was, completely motionless, his eyes moving under his eyelids. Dreaming. And the color in his face had finally fully returned as the sickness he was under subsided after the two days. Almost instantaneously, Milo shot up into a seated position with a gasp. He panted lightly, blinking the sleep from his eyes as his thoughts ran over the dream he had.

leighana pariah: She jumped when Milo suddenly bolted up in bed, her muscles going rigged in surprise. It took her a moment to process things before walking into the room and closing the door behind her. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed. "Hey, you’re all right," she murmured in a tender voice to attempt to calm him down. Placing a hand lightly on top of his nearest to her she hoped it would work enough for him to tell her what was wrong. Maybe she should have taken him to the hospital, or possibly called Doctor West. I could have been her fault if something would have happened to him. It still bothered her that she had not been able to "fix" him.

milo and evelyn: Milo furrowed his brows, and turned his gaze onto Leighana, "She lied to me." Was the first thing he said, and he didn't know how to feel about it. "She gave the ok to have me taken in." He still didn't have any idea what had actually happened to him, but this dream, it only told him that she ~was keeping secrets. He went to her for some real answers, but stopped around the corner when he heard his mother and another man talking about him. "But I don't think she knew I was going to get sick."

leighana pariah: "Your mother?" she asked, her eyebrows slightly pinched together in effort to follow her boyfriends train of thought. His mother had him taken in to some place it seemed and this place made him sick, but it was possible she didn’t know that it would. Whatever way she was going to try to spin it, it sounded bad. "What’d they do to you?" she asked, feeling her skin beginning to heat and her heart pound a little faster, beginning to feel angry at his mother and whoever else was involved. The frustration she felt at being able to do nothing was even more bothersome and unhelpful.

milo and evelyn: He shook his head, "I still don't know." Milo said, then slipped his hand over hers just to hold. "I just..." He paused, "had a dream, I went to see her to ask for some real answers, but stopped because I heard her talking to someone else about me." Milo pursed his lips, he didn't feel angry about it, and it surprised him. But he also thought about why. He knew his mother wouldn't put him in harms way on purpose. As secretive and manipulating as she was, she always made it clear that family meant everything to her.

leighanapariah: His hand in hers made her simmer down, just a tad bit. A light sigh escaping her lips and causing her bangs to flutter as she looked down and then back up at him again. "I’m just glad you’re okay now," she said, moving some hair out of her eyes. "You’ve been knocked out for two days. Let me tell you, the couch, not so comfortable," she smiled lightly. She wanted the mood to lift, especially for him. He had gone through a lot in the pass week although he didn’t remember it. He deserved to at least crack a smile. Although she supposed telling him that he had konked out for another two days wouldn’t do that. Good going.

milo and evelyn: Two days, the mere thought about passing out for two days freaked him out, but he did well to hide it. Maybe, just maybe that was the same thing that happened to him in the other five days, okay he knew his wishful thinking would ~never add up. He let a small laugh accompany a smile, "Well, there's a bed here now." Milo said, while rubbing his thumb back and forth over her hand.

leighanapariah: Blood swirled rapidly beneath the layers of tissue that were her cheeks but Leighana managed to have her expression go unchanged without much effort. Letting go of his hand she crawled into the small twin sized bed, legs stretched out in front of her beneath the covers beside his. Replacing her hand in his she let her arm semi-wrap around him, her free hand at the small of his back, tips of her fingers brushing along his spine absentmindedly with her head resting on his shoulder as she thought to herself. "What are we going to do?" she asked. Yes, she said ‘we’. She refused to let him gallivant off alone to figure things out when he didn’t have his abilities; although he did look a lot better now.

Quickly she checked his temperature, easy enough since she was already touching him. His temperature was normal, but everything else seemed so...weird. There were electrical pulses that were way stronger than normal as well as a lot more areas in the brain working overtime and he wasn’t even doing anything. Leighana glanced up at him for a moment, not being able to contain her facial expressions with the same finesse as the previous matter. However, she did fix it quickly, waiting for his reply.

milo and evelyn: Milo layed in silence for a while, his own arm wrapped around her shoulders, and holding her close. With all that had happened, this was all he wanted to do at the moment, "Just this," He replied in a murmur, "I just want to feel you next to me." Milo then tilted his head down to kiss the top of hers. Then, in the middle of the comfortable silence, his stomach growled. What a way to ruin a nice moment. Milo cracked a smile, followed by small laughs, "And then maybe go get something to eat."

leighana pariah: Her eyes closed her eyes and relaxed into him, squeezing his hand a gently and tilting her head up to lay a small butterfly kiss on his lips. She was always in awe of how she felt comfortable around Milo, but now she realized something else as she opened her eyes to look up at him. He made her feel both wanted and safe, things she hadn't felt in years since her father had walked out. Hearing the growling of his stomach she laughed, letting go of his hand and proceeding to get up. "I'm to lazy to get dressed and go out in the cold. Plus I told you I'd cook you something," she replied in an amused tone, ruffling is short brown hair.

milo and evelyn: Looking up at Leigh, he kept a cute smile plastered on his lips, and quickly pushed himself to his feet so he could follow her. "Home cooked sounds a lot better." He nodded. "I'm gonna jump in the shower, I'll be right back, okay." He said, while heading to the door that lead to the hallway.

leighana pariah: "Okay," she replied as she headed for the kitchen, assuming that he would go to his room since that's where his clothes and things were. It didn't take her that long to cook. Ten to fifteen minutes at the most and was just getting done scrambling the eggs.

milo and evelyn: Milo headed out the door in a flash and was back in his room a second later, he didn't want to waste anymore time than he had to. Grabbing some clean clothes, he washed himself from head to toe. He didn't take all that long, and he was back in her room, hair still wet and body a bit damp under his clothes. "Food done?" He asked, stepping up besides her to see what she was cooking.

leighana pariah: Leighana jumped with a start as well as with a squeel, almost dropping the pan of eggs. "Gah! Don't do that!" she said excitedly, clutching her furiously beating heart with her free hand. Once she had calmed down she nodded, "Yeah its ready." Scooping the eggs onto two plates along with slices of bacon, toast, and fruit. "This is okay....right?" the last word sort of softened and tailed off as she looked up at him all wet and... yeah... Recovering she began to clean up a bit, forgetting her question.

milo and evelyn: He laughed lightly at her reaction, but soon after, beamed, "I got my powers back." He said, pride evident in his tone. Milo then looked down at their plates, "Looks good," He smiled, and picked at the eggs, throwing a few into his mouth. Milo stood there, watching what she was doing for a while, then grabbed his plate and wandered over the to table to sit down and eat.

leighana pariah: Finishing with the pan she looked over at him with a surprised expression. "Really?" she asked, picking up her plate and sitting at the table with him. "So that's just it? You're fine?"

milo and evelyn: Milo stopped for a moment, looking up at her, "I guess..." He shrugged, still having no idea what had happened to him. He recalled saying something about the drugs that could supress their abilities, but he knew (something she probably didn't) that they needed a constant supply. "Maybe I was right..." He slightly tilted his head, "you know, maybe they were being suppressed by those drugs I was talking about, and they finally wore out." He shrugged once more, and returned to his food.

leighana pariah: "And being sick, passing out for days on end is a side effect?" she asked with a disbelieving expression. However, she would not push it any further than that, knowing that he did not know what was going on anymore than she did. However the drug thing seemed like melarkey. Shrugging her shoulders at her own question she began to eat her food.

milo and evelyn: "Well, I could have caught something, and it was suppressing my ability to heal." Milo bit on his lower lip, he didn't want to freak her out anymore by telling her that they needed a daily dose. He slightly furrowed his brows, he really wanted to know what happened, but at the moment he continued to eat.

leighana pariah: She just nodded, not wanting him to have to try to explain it anymore. If he would have caught something she would have been able to fight it, fix it, but she couldn't. "Just hush and eat," she said, giving him a reassuring smile for a moment. "You don't have to try to explain it."

milo and evelyn: Milo chuckled, and simply nodded, before practically inhaling the rest of his food. Leaning back in his seat, he sighed, "That was some good scrambled eggs," He grinned, yet he still felt a little hungry, something he could hold off until lunch, or even supper. "I'll call my mom again...later." He said, lifting his eyes to Leigh, she couldn't lie to him anymore. He knew.

leighanapariah: "Thanks," she smiled happily at his comment. She never really thought of herself as the Susie homemaker type, but it made her feel good to take care of him. Finishing up her food as well she nodded in understanding before taking her empty plate and his to the kitchen and cleaning them, putting them on the drying rack out of laziness. When she was done she approached Milo from behind, winding her arms around his shoulders and placing her chin there as well. "I'm going to take a shower and stuff so maybe you should call your mom sooner rather than later," she stated. That way he would also have some privacy while speaking with her.

milo and evelyn: Milo stayed seated, and nodded as she headed to take a shower. He didn't move, he didn't want to move until he heard the water running. And the moment he did, Milo got up from his seat and headed back to his own room. After finally finding his cell, he quickly called his mother, and was met with a "What is it?" He didn't say anything for a few seconds, "I had a dream." Milo started out with, and went on to describe his dream in great detail while Angela was on the other end in silence. He wasn't angry about it, but all he wanted to know was why, and what happened why he got sick. She told him why he was taken, but she didn't have any idea as to why he got sick. With a sigh, he said his goodbye, and threw himself down on the couch in his dorm.

leighana pariah: Leighana took her time showering, giving Milo as much time as possible to talk to his mother. Even dressing went slowly as she struggled to get a pair of jeans over her wet thighs and shrugged on a white tank top along with a red cardigan. Tying her long damp hair into a messy bun at the back of her neck, strands of hair falling clumbsly out of it and onto her shoulder, she looked at the close. Forty minutes had passed. Entering the livingroom as she put on some flats she could see him no where in site and guessed that he retreated to his room. She sighed to herself, not knowing if he wanted to be alone or not. Mindreading would be usefull in these sorts of situations, but she made the journey down the hallway none the less. Hesitating before knocking on his door.

milo and evelyn: He lay there longer than he wanted to, and when he heard the knock, Milo quickly jumped up. Walking over, and opening the door, he smiled some, "Sorry, I was going to come back." He said, and shrugged. "Well, she admitted the truth." Milo stepped aside, so she could walk in.

leighana pariah: "What did she say? Was it bad?" she asked, stepping inside the room and lodging her hands into her pants pockets before turning to face him. She didn't notice that she had skipped over his apology she tended to jump to the more important things in conversations. An annoying habit.

milo and evelyn: "Well, I was needed, she gave the ok, kept me longer than they had to, then brought me back here." Milo pursed his lips, "She didn't say much, didn't explain things in detail, but said if there was going to be a danger to me, she wouldn't have given the ok." He closed the door, and decided against moving to sit down, opting to lean against the door. "She also said the meds wore out once, and I tried to escape, and if it wasn't for some guy called The Haitian, I would have made it." He then pushed himself from the door and started heading for the living room. "She doesn't know why I got sick either, but she told me I could go back in for testing." Not that he really wanted to.

leighana pariah: "What does your mother DO exactly?" she asked with a curious expression, removing her hands from her pockets to cross her arms beneath her chest as she followed him.

milo and evelyn: Milo threw himself down on the couch once more, and looked up at Leigh, "She runs a company," He answered, "I don't know much about it, but it deals with people like us, locks up the dangerous ones." He didn't particularly agree with it, some people just wanted to go on with life as normally as possible, but what could he do while still in school?

leighana pariah: She found it strange that a woman would bring in her own son and not tell him what happened. He had missed out on days of his life. What did she do to him that she didn't want him to remember? Why was he so calm about it? She resisted the urge to sigh and followed him into the livingroom, sitting down on the coffee table, facing him since he was taking up the couch, not that it bothered her. Milo really was a trusting soul and saw the good in everything. She admired him for that, she didn't have that mantality. If she had had his powers she would have flown back and MADE her mother tell her what happened. "You're a great guy you know that?" she asked as she looked down at him with a serious expression.

milo and evelyn: He didn't say anything, he simply let a small smile cross his lips, and kept his gaze on her. Leaning forward, Milo grabbed her hand and held it, "Thanks, you're pretty great yourself." His smile grew a little more, and pulled her over to his lap. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he tilted his head up and lightly pressed his lips to hers.

leighana pariah: She laughed as he pulled her onto him, relaxing so that her body fit against his. She smiled into the kiss although it was light and sweet. She gazed down at him once he pulled away. Maybe it was better that his kisses were always light because she had been frustrated lately and a real one might...well be a bad idea since she didn't know if he was ready for "other things", even if she was. God, it was strange thinking that way. "So what are you going to do today?" she asked, laying her head down beneath his chin, but not before looking to the window which was being splattered by rain water.

milo and evelyn: Milo hummed for a moment, resting his head against hers, "Well, I was thinking I'd spend time with you..." As he spoke, he started to move his fingertips against her hip, "I mean, if it's okay with you?" He smiled some.

leighanapariah: "Ye-yeah its fine," she replied, focusing more on his fingers running over her left him in which she could feel almost completely since fabric really was not that thick these days. Without startling lifted her head so that her nose nuzzled his neck and her lips touched it lightly. A hand lifted to the opposite side, cupping it as she thought to herself. Not being able to resist the urge she pressed her lips to the skin, lingering longer than necessary. She smiled and chuckled softly remembering the hickies she had once given him, although the marks didn’t last too long.

milo and evelyn: The movement of his fingers slowly graduated to moving his hand back and forth, before completely stopping when he heard her chuckling. Milo raised a brow, and leaned back far enough to look at her, and as he moved, his hand slipped to rest on her thigh, "What are you laughing about?" A small curious smile crossing his own.

leighana pariah: "Just thinking about the last hickies I gave you," she smiled. "It was quite a while ago." Lowering her head down she pressed her lips against his, biting his lower lip gently as the hand that wasn't on his neck, slipped under his shirt and settled on his side. Well she supposed she still had a little self control.

milo and evelyn: "Mhmm," He hummed against her mouth, and smiled some as his lip was biten. Pulling back from her little bite, he glanced down at her lips, and flicked his tongue over them with a chuckle of his own. Then, the hand that rest on her lap, lifted up to hold the side of her head as he leaned up for another kiss.

leighana pariah: Leighana smiled, her full lips opening some at the flick of his tongue. She could feel her skin warming, not just her cheeks. Her smile faded as she returned the kiss, her eyes fluttering closed once more and her fingers clutching at the fabric of his shirt as she deepened it. Forgetting that she was supposed to hold herself back.

milo and evelyn: He gave back as much as he was getting, and his hand that rest on the side of her head slowly weaved into her still damp hair. With his other hand that rest flat against her back, Milo moved it to slip under her shirt, feeling her warm and smooth skin. And like he was previously doing to her hip, began tracing his fingers back and forth, and around in circles.

leighana pariah: A shiver ran down her spine at his touch, causing her to make a small sound. Pulling away from kissing him for a moment she pulled her cardigan off, tossing it too the floor along with her flats before going back to her previous ministrations. Leighana’s tongue gently slipped between his lips, massaging his with her own as her hand that was beneath her shirt crept down his side and her fingers curled around his belt and pushed herself up some, moving her body up against his.

milo and evelyn: Milo closed his lips around her tongue, and sucked as he pushed and massaged his tongue against hers, then opened up again. As she moved closer, he slipped his hands to hold her thin waist, before letting them move up and down. While gliding down, he hooked his fingers under the hem of her shirt, and lifted it to feel more of her heated flesh.

leighana pariah: Leighana just shrugged the shirt off, enjoying the feel of his hands on her sides. Looking down at him she kissed him lightly before making her way down to his neck where she planned to recreate the marks that were previously there although the would disappear quickly. Pressing her lips to the skin she bit at it before proceeding to suckle it.

milo and evelyn: Tilting his head back, Milo sighed, and let his eyes slip shut as he enjoyed the feeling of her mouth against his neck. He stopped gliding his hands along her sides, instead he lightly gripped and let his thumbs move at a slow pace. A small noise escaped his lips, and he couldn't stop himself from twisting his hips.

leighana pariah: Leighana moaned against his neck as his hips groaned into hers. Slipping her hands under his shirt she began to slide the fabric up above his his head, whith his help of course and placed herself back on him, trailing her 'kisses' down to his chest.

milo and evelyn: He held onto his shirt for a while, then dropped it to the floor, and looked down at what she was doing while lightly biting his lower lip. His hands returned to her waist, and slipped around to her back, he couldn't get enough of touching her. Then he lifted his hand, to bring her lips back up to his for another kiss, one with more hunger.

leighana pariah: Leighana let him guide her back up, returning the gesture with much fever. One of her hands set its self on his cheek, the other unbuckling and unzipping his hands but meering grabbing his ass once the pants were loosened. She almost smiled at the feel of it but was too preoccupied. Suddenly she pulled back, looking down at him for a moment seriously. "Fuck me," The words were said gently without it sounding vulgar. "please," she added to be polite.

milo and evelyn: Milo leaned his forehead against hers, and a smile stretched across at her words. "Yes ma'am," He replied in a slow whisper, and tilted his head to press another kiss against hers. With his hands still on her back, Milo slid them up until his fingers unhooked her undergarment. Without breaking the slow kiss he developed, Milo slipped the straps over her shoulders and pulled it off to toss it with the rest of the clothes on the floor.

leighanapariah: Her cheeks reddened at her lack of clothing, feeling slightly embarrassed, yet she ignored it. Hovering above him, she replayed his slow kiss, moving her lips with his. Tenderly she took one of his hands in her own sliding his hand down and over until he was cupping one of her breasts, her other arm working to keep her suspended.

Slowly pulling away from the kiss for a moment she unfastened her own jeans, sliding out of them with only a bit of struggle due to their tightness, and tossed them only to be left in a pair of lacy black underwear. She had taken precautions lately just in case. Lame yes, but one could be hopeful. Leighana settled herself between his legs again, not bothering to hold herself up she began to kiss him again.

milo and evelyn: Letting his eyes wander as she pulled her pants down and off, Milo quickly noticed her lacy black underwear, and smirked some. And as she was still standing, he pushed his already loosened pants down and kicked them off, before taking her hips into his hands while she settled herself back down. Milo kissed back, tilting his head, and began smoothing his hands over her hips until they reached her ass.

Uncomfortable with their position, Milo hooked his hands under her legs, and pulled each over until she sat straddling his own thighs. He couldn't seem to stop himself from running his hands all over her body, every inch of her skin was so touchable.

leighana pariah: Leighana complied to his rearrangement with out a problem and thoroughly enjoyed the attention his hands were giving her, but she didn’t feel satisfied for some reason and her eyebrows slightly furrowed at this, not knowing why. "Why do I feel like you’re teasing me?" she asked almost breathlessly once she pulled away from him. However, it was only a mere centimeter or two. Gathering what courage she had for the moments she removed a the hand from his neck, sliding it down south between the both of them, and landing on a large mound between his thighs.

milo and evelyn: A small smile appeared through the light panting, and he was about to say something when a gasp escaped instead. He couldn't help it when he twisted his hips directly against her hand, and a soft moan escaped his lips. Been quite a long time since he's been touched like this, and felt this good. Licking his lips, he smiled, before finally answering her question while leaning his head forward, "I don't know why," And lifted his hand to cup her breast while enclosing his lips around her nipple, where he proceeded to swirl his tongue and gently suck.

leighana pariah: Leighana moaned at his action, her legs clutching to him a little tighter. She bit down on her lower lip as if it would silence the noises she made, but they dimmed only slightly. The hand below slipped into his boxers and wrapped around the long warm tool gently, not knowing if a harder squeeze would hurt him or not. She assumed he would say so. Her hand slid up and down slowly, pushing and pulling, but it was hard for her to focus on two things at once especially when he kept doing that thing with his tongue. By then there was a certain dampness between her legs.

milo and evelyn: Milo breathed a little harshly through his nose as his hips moved in time with her strokes, and he wrapped an arm around her back to hug her body closer. When another moan escaped his lips, his mouth detached and gasped hot air against her, then quickly bit down. Just hard enough to elicit some sort of noise, and when he pulled back, Milo blinked up at her. "Condoms, they're in my room." He whispered, and trailed his hand down her back toward her ass and let his fingers follow the crease as far as they would go.

leighana pariah: "Let’s let go," she breathed back to him, lifting her free hand to his cheek and kissing him lightly, twice. Removing her hand from his boxers she put her hand in his, walking with him into his bedroom and letting go once there. Leighana took a seat on the twin sized bed, her long hair covering her breasts as she bunched up her knees to set her arms upon them and waited patiently for him to find the condoms.

milo and evelyn: Milo stopped at the dresser, and pulled open the top drawer, not a very creative hiding spot, but it did the trick anyway. Rifling though his underwear, he emerged with a box, and wandered over to where Leighana was with his tenting boxers. As he sat down, Milo bent over to press a kiss to her lips, while blinding pulling out a small package.

leighana pariah: Leighana kissed him back slowly, gently taking the package from his fingers with her own. Tearing it open without pulling away she managed to take out the condom and throw the wrapping somewhere or other. She guided him towards her, the fingers of her left hand wrapping around the hem of his boxers and pulling down so she could put the condom on.

milo and evelyn: He dropped the box beside the bed, and let his underwear fall to the floor to step out, all the while keeping their lips in contact. When he felt her fingers slowly sliding it on, Milo then pulled back from the kiss and looked down at what she was doing. Milo sighed, and when the latex had fully surrounded him, he began pushing Leighana further onto his bed and on her back, before attacking her lips once more.

leighana pariah: Letting him push her back, her legs found his hips again, bringing him down closer to her. A hand wrapped around his neck, deepening their kisses as the other found his ass, squeezing it tightly. What could she say… he had a nice one. Every so often she would get excited and grind against him until finally she got so sick of the thin piece of fabric between them that she began to tug down on her last piece of remaining underwear.

milo and evelyn: He was beginning to ache, and the simple grinding was only driving his mad. So when she began to pull her underwear down, Milo was glad to help, and tossed it to the floor. But before moving forward, Milo had to have himself another taste, and dropped his head back down to swirl his tongue around her nipple. All the while, he slipped his hand to his length, and began dragging the tip back and forth between her legs.

leighanapariah: Back arching at his actions, Leigh pressed her chest closer to his mouth, her head thrown back into the pillows to help enjoy the feel between her legs. After another minute she began to want him inside her and whined, almost begged (which she hated to do) his name through swollen lips from their numerous kisses to tell him so.

milo and evelyn: Milo lifted his head with a smile on his face, and complied as he pushed himself up and leaned back on his knees. He stroked himself a few times as he scooted a little closer, and he licked his lips while leaning forward again, keeping his balance with his hand on the bed. His eyes stayed fixed down between them, and with his grip still on his length, guided to find her entrance. Milo moved slow, for her sake and his own. The further he disappeared, the deeper his breathes became, then he returned his gaze up to see her eyes.

leighanapariah: Leighana looked stared fixedly at him as he complied to her request. She tried to relax herself as he slowly slipped into her, it felt strange, a somewhat burning sensation. It was a very tight fit, she knew that, but it didn’t feel bad and her breathing deepened like him to steadying her quickly beating heart. When Milo’s length came upon her hymen she looked down between them and up at him again, giving him a small reassuring smile.

milo and evelyn: He steadied himself, then lowered his body, but left himself still hovering over top. Milo then leaned his head down to leave a small kiss upon her lips, before slowly moving out and guiding himself back in. His eyes closed for a moment, a groan escaping his lips at her tightness, and re-opened them to peer down at her for any sign of moving slower, or stopping.

leighana pariah: Leighana caressed his lips in return and remained still working through the strange sensation and slight pain. The discomfort didn’t last long and eventually became pleasant. He hit a certain area and a moan escaped her lips, her legs tightening around him. Hands caressing his sides she looked up at him with an embarrassed look. "Faster please," she breathed out.

milo and evelyn: A smile appeared at her request, and he adjusted his hands so he could speed his tempo. The sensation of her inner walls hugging his length was marvelous, and couldn't stop a moan from crawling up his throat and releasing itself. Milo's breathing was becoming heavier, and he dropped his head to her shoulder, while closing his eyes.

leighana pariah: She placed her hand gently on the back of his neck, kissing his broad shoulder and eventually biting down (although not hard enough to hurt) between her keens and groans. Her hips began to move against his, meeting him halfway. A warmth began to build up in her pelvis, her breaths becoming labored.

milo and evelyn: Although it hadn't inflicted pain, Milo let out a gasp when he felt her teeth on his flesh, and was almost surprised to hear himself say in a shaky breath, "Harder." His movements were becoming less controlled, and more of quick snaps, managing to drive his full length inside and caused him to grunt in pleasure.

leighana pariah: Looking up at him for a moment to make sure that she had heard right she obeyed and bit down as hard as she could on the soft tissue and muscle. She was thankful that it managed to muffle the sounds she was constantly making in sensual gratification, her black painted nails digging into his skin. It wasn’t long before she was coming, legs spasming and shuddering beneath him.

milo and evelyn: It was a little strange that the physical pain she was inflicting only aroused him even further, bringing forth a loud groan. Milo continued to thrust into her, drawing closer and closer to his own mind blowing eruption. He pant heavily, his hooded eyes staring down at her body, before finally pushing himself up and pulling out. He made haste in pulling the condom off, and stroking himself until his come was spilling out. Milo furrowed his brows, moaning, and sightly trembling as he squeezed out each drop.

leighana pariah: Leighana watched him curiously as he pulled away from her. If she hadn't have been spent she probably would have been turned on all over again from observing him. Once he was done she sat up, taking his hands in hers to guide him back down to her. She kissed his lips lovingly once he was laying with her and gazed up at him. "Thank you," she said with a coy smile.

milo and evelyn: Laying down beside her, he draped an over across her, closing his eyes, and chuckled when she spoke. A smile still on his lips, Milo pressed a small kiss to her nose, then tiled his head to nudge it with his own. After a few moments of silence passed, he opened his eyes again and gazed at her, "I love you," He whispered.

leighana pariah: Turning her head over to him she gazed at him tiredly before replying, "I love you too." Sitting up to grab the blanket at the end of the bed, she threw it over the both of them, however staying close to Milo's side since both the sweat and cool air caused her to feel chilled. She could surely say that she went to sleep happily.

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